What is master switch?

From an industrial and control point of view, master switch is a device capable of commanding multiple power switches, for which different steps and step-by-step switching configuration are defined. On the other hand, a master switch is usually under the control of operator in a control room and commands the other switches as the master key. There are various types of master switches in the industry today, each selected based on the physical and environmental conditions during operating or electrical conditions of the equipment as well as the type of system sensitivity. In general, current master switches can be divided into three categories:
·        Mechanical master switches: Direct switching by mechanical forces
·        Electromechanical master switches: Switching by contactors or relays
·        Electronic master switches: Using thyristor switches or resistive potentiometers
A master switch consisting of a control lever under the control of a driver, which is commonly used to control a motion system, is called lever or industrial joystick.

Examples of industrial levers in Iran
Azhmansanat Company, after years of experience in the service and repair of various industrial master switches, invented an innovative master switch prototype that does not have the disadvantages of the previous prototypes and is considered as a localized product. One of the biggest disadvantages of the previous master switches is presence of mechanical and erosive components in their building that cause system failure. Accordingly, minimum mechanical components is used in the innovative master switch and the overall performance of the system is digital, so that there is no need for service and maintenance. It is worth mentioning that despite the software process, the system’s performance is exactly the same as the previous mechanical prototypes and the operator does not feel any difference during operation. Moreover in local and orbital terms, the new design is completely substitutable with the other prototypes.
The first prototype of the innovative master switch was tested in practice in 2013, and it is still working without any problems and visits. In the following years, other models were developed offering capabilities such as return to zero (no spring required), multi-axis motion, software setting, software interlock definition, debug and data logger, etc., and also supporting more ports and higher current. These models have been tested and employed in the steel and other heavy industries such as automotive and shipping industries, and several of them have been sold.
In the meantime, the patent of Registry Organization of Documents and Landed Estate and the approval of Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology for mass production and commercialization of the product were achieved, and the company entered Science and Technology Town.

·        This master switch is an Iranian product and is completely localized. Regarding the difficult conditions and existing challenges in the industry of Iran, this product has been designed and applied to meet the requirements of the country. There is no erosive piece in the building of this master switch, so that there is no friction; therefore, it does not require periodic service and lubrication and its spare parts are cheap.
·        The number of contacts, the maximum current of contacts, and the number and angle of gears in this master switch can be changed according to the customer order.
·        One of the main advantages of this master switch is its ability to be connected to the computer to adjust and set its setting, so that it can be ready in a matter of minutes for a new mission and location. Therefore, a comprehensive master switch can replace all types of older master switches.
·        In this master switch, it is possible to define software interlocks according to the customer order to reduce driver or system errors. In this regard, defining delay scheduling, defining the order of the gears, defining the behavior of the system after connection and disconnection of the power supply, etc., can be mentioned.
·        This master switch is able to record data via data logger and to be connected to the network in accordance with the customer order.
·        In this type of master switch, the status of the gears and the status of the output contacts are displayed digitally on LED monitors. For each gear, a beep at a specific frequency sounds to the driver.
·        Due to its anti explosion performance, this equipment can be used in flammable environments.
·        This equipment is completely supported by Azhmansanat Company.
1. Patent certificate
2. Confirmation of invention by Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
3. Level 2 and 3 certificate of National Elite Foundation
4. Awarded in Khwarizmi International Festival
5. Awarded in Sheikh Bahai National Festival
6. Performance verification certificate from steel industries such as Mobarakeh Steel Company and Esfahan Steel Company
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