Azhmansanat Company has been operating since 2001. The company is based on creative industrial products and has been working for several years to improve the quality of products and provide new technologies. During this limited period, the company has successfully patented and commercialized 15 industrial designs, among which two-phase motor drives, textile fringing machines, thread motion sensors, industrial data recorder devices, DC current relays, comprehensive all-digital master switch, etc., are the best-selling products of the company. Regarding the industrial approvals from various factories and customers across the country, the company was admitted as a member of Isfahan Science and Technology Town and was registered as a knowledge-based company in 2017, and currently operates on four units of production, trading, research and project.Based on technical knowledge and experience of the company’s engineers in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, industrial automation, industrial networks and software, civil engineering, reinforced concrete and steel structures, etc., they claim to solve every industrial challenge at different scientific levels, and to update all machine systems and offer different solutions to optimize them. In this regard, performing research and executive projects such as optimization and remapping of overhead crane control systems, implementation of crane balance systems,implementation of anti-collagen systems, optimal design of active parallel filter to reduce harmonic of steel factories, research and study for the optimal maintenance, reparation and operation of electric arc furnace transformers, study and design of cleaning of earthing systems, setting and implementation of power keys, setting and optimization of PID coefficients of speed ​​control drives, implementation of image processing projects, etc., may be mentioned. The commercial sector of the company is able to procure specialized industrial products such as speed ​​control drives, power switches, different equipment for overhead cranes, industrial relays, pressure vessels, power converters, clamps and polymer pallets, etc

Organizational structure

Azhmansanat Company